Lawn Fertilizer

It takes more than basic mowing and watering to maintain a lush lawn. Lawn fertilizer provides the proper nutrition for greener grass. Leibfred Landscaping applies lawn fertilizer on a schedule to continually improve the appearance of your grass. Even the richest soil does not contain enough nutrients to produce a beautiful lawn. It takes more than one feeding to make your grass attractive throughout the seasons.

  • Grass is the backdrop for the rest of your landscape design and should never look brown or wilted.
  • One or two lawn fertilizer treatments leave your grass hungry for more and are not enough to achieve a lovely lawn.
  • It is essential to provide an ongoing supply to nutrients throughout the growing season to have the emerald green lawn you dream of.
  • Lawn fertilizer should be applied by a landscaping professional on a regular schedule from the spring through the fall.
  • Regular fertilizing ensures even growth for a thick lawn that looks great and feels wonderful under your feet.
  • Lawn fertilizer also helps to eliminate potential spotting or streaking that makes your lawn look uneven and unkempt.
  • Fertilization wards off crabgrass, weeds and insects to make your outdoor environment more pleasant.

Our landscaping team arrives on schedule to fertilize your lawn and keep it healthy. The professionals at Leibfred Landscaping present a fertilization calendar to maintain your lawn properly. We work to stay within your budget while delivery the highest quality services for your lawn.


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