Facing Off Against Common Lawn Problems

While you dream of having a glowing green carpet of grass, your lawn might actually be a wilted brown mess. If your neighbors have the thick grass you always wanted, they probably learned now to face off against common lawn problems.

Zebra strips look great indoors but not on your lawn. If you have yellow stripes going through your green lawn, you might have applied fertilizer unevenly. The best way to fix it is hiring a professional landscaper to properly reapply the fertilizer so grass grows in these areas. Tan or brown stripes going through your grass could mean you lawn mower is cutting unevenly and needs an adjustment.

There could be a fungus among us. If dead spots appear quickly in your lawn and spread rapidly, there might be a funky fungus among us. Have a landscaper check out your lawn to determine what type of fungus is causing the problem and how to get rid of it.

Grubby critters could be killing your lawn. Grass that dies and is easy to pull up like a carpet could be infested with white grubs. These beetle larvae feast on grass roots. Even worse, animals such as gophers and skunks arrive on the scene to dig up the lawn and eat the grubs. A landscaper knows how to get rid of these yucky critters.

Fido could be the cause of that glaring brown spot. If you have a dog and a dead brown spot surrounded by live grass, Fido could be using the area to do his business. For those who don’t have a dog, watch to see if a neighbor’s pet is using your yard as a restroom. The best way to get rid of this dead area is to discourage the dog from going to the bathroom on your grass.

Your yard is a mossy knoll rather than a lush green landscape. Moss may sprout under large trees or thick shrubs. Boost sunlight to the area by pruning trees and shrubs. If you like the thick greenery, you can also plant grass that is more tolerant to shade.

A licensed landscaper can diagnose lawn problems and fix them so you have the luxurious lawn you always wanted.

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