Perfect Annual and Perennial Garden Flowers in the Northeast

The perfect mix of annual and perennial garden flowers give your northeast garden texture and charm. There will always be flowers blooming for ongoing visual appeal in your garden. Annuals complement perennials and give your garden variety every year.

Know the difference between annuals, perennials and biennials. Annuals go through their complete life cycle in one season. If annuals reseed, they can grow during future seasons. Perennials grow, bloom and seed for years with proper care. Biennials take two years to grow, with leaves during the first season and blooms during the second. Examples of biennials include sweet William and hollyhocks.

Choose awesome annuals to bring color and fragrance into your flower gardens. Some of the most popular annuals in the northeast region are geraniums, pansies, marigolds and impatiens. They add a range of eye-catching hues to your garden. Sometimes annuals reseed and reappear the next year. If they do not return, plant a new range of annuals in colors to complement your perennials.

Plant enduring perennials to keep your gardens lush. While annuals may not return, perennials bring life to your flower gardens for years to come. Certain northeast region perennials can be used to deter or attract wildlife. For example blue star is typically not bothered by rabbits or deer. In the spring, blue star has blue flowers and in the fall it has gorgeous golden foliage. Bee balm attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Pests often steer clear of bee balm because of its minty aroma.

Get wild in your garden. Wildflowers add natural dimension to your flower gardens. Popular wildflowers in the northeast region include forget-me-not and black-eyed Susan. Wildflowers are easy to grow in most soil and weather conditions. They also bring a touch of drama to your flower gardens.

A creative landscaper offers ideas for impressive flower gardens that offer greenery for up to three seasons. Use various flowers to bring beauty to your front lawn, backyard or anywhere you want a touch of life.

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