Mulching Gardens for Healthy Plants

Mulching gardens makes plants healthier and creates a neat-looking environment. Beautiful and practical, mulch improves the growing conditions in your gardens. Mulch protects the soil against extreme weather conditions and minimizes weeds.

Mulch is organic. Much like the floor of a forest, mulch is an organic soil covering. Mulch materials are ground coverings that decompose. Inorganic compounds are also aesthetically pleasing but provide fewer benefits than mulch. Using mulch improves the rooting environment for flowers, plants and shrubs.

Mulch protects your garden soil from changing weather and erosion. Mulching gardens is an excellent way to moderate soil temperature. It helps prevent the soil from remaining excessively hot or cold. Having a layer of mulch also prevents against erosion in rainy conditions. Mulch acts as a protective cover for the soil so plants in your garden grow better. It also helps ward off those unwanted weeds.

Mulch is useful and decorative. Besides improving the growing condition in your gardens, mulch is decorative. Adding mulch makes your gardens look well-tended. It comes in a wide array of colors and textures, usually based on your regional area. Chipped bark and tree limbs are often used as mulch. Other popular choices are pine straw, grass clippings and manure. Usually mulch is made of chipped, ground or shredded natural elements.

Mulch types are based on the kind of plants you want to grow. Mulch works by decomposing into your garden soil. It can be either alkaline or acidic, based on the type of plants you want to grow. Certain plants such as azaleas do better with acidic mulch. Most plants thrive in an alkaline environments, which can be provided by hardwood mulch.

Mulching minimizes mowing. Adding mulch to gardens around trees, shrubs and fences eliminates the need to mow around these difficult areas. It also prevents weeds from creeping into these garden spaces.

Make lush gardens grow and beautify them by adding mulch. A professional landscaper can advise you about the best types of mulch to to use.

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