How to Choose Flower Garden Designs

Flower garden designs are as different as each yard and home. Choose a beautiful garden theme based on space, climate conditions and personal preferences. Flowers can be colorful, fragrant and hardy. Ongoing blooms bring a beautiful touch of life to your yard.

Add variety to your flower garden designs. A monochromatic flower garden with same-size plants offers no visual interest. An eye-catching flower garden has variety, color, texture and plants of different heights. A combination of elements makes your flower gardens visually appealing.

Select flowers based on colors and when they bloom. Use various flowering plants that bloom at different times during the season. This ensures your garden is constantly full of floral life. Choose colors that coordinate rather than clash. Consider the mood of the garden and which hues look best together.

Determine the size of flower gardens with space in mind. In the center of your yard, you might have space for a large flower garden. Near a fence or doorway, the area might be smaller. Try to avoid flower gardens that are too narrow, no matter how limited the space is. Having three or four layers makes flower gardens lusher even in the smallest areas.

Bring exciting elements into your flower garden designs. Add a trellis with climbing roses to your flower garden. Have a small bridge going over a bubbling pond. Place a trickling fountain amidst the flowers and plants. Include statuary related to the season or something you like. Put a small bench near the garden where you sit, relax and observe.

Define the boundaries of your flower garden. The most professional looking flower gardens have clear boundaries. The most basic boundary is accomplished by planting flowers along a straight edge. Stones, bricks, borders and picket fences are also ways to establish a clear boundary around your flowers.

Be creative when you plan your flower garden designs. Consider planting flowers that attract wildlife to get a closer look at nature. Include fragrant flowers to fill the air with pleasant aromas. Make your garden a mini-getaway right in your own yard.

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