Hardy Garden Flowers and Plants

Many homeowners complain they do not have a green thumb. They are convinced any plant they touch is sure to wilt. Hiring a landscaper makes it easier to maintain healthy plants. Choosing the hardiest flowers and plants is another way to keep your garden growing beautifully.

Hardy plants are survivors. Plants classified as hardy are able to survive the frost, a good quality to have in the northeast region. Hardy garden plants and flowers can be annuals or perennials. Typically perennials require less maintenance and fertilization. Planting a mix of annuals and perennials keeps your yard blooming throughout three of the four seasons.

Give hardy plants room to thrive. In the heat of the summer, hearty plants and flowers thrive. If they are planted in small gardens, they may soon outgrow the space. Plan for the growth of hardy plants so there is plenty of room for them to branch out. Hardy plants are the perfect addition to a large garden area.

Take note some hardy plants spread. Certain hardy plants require even more room than others because they spread. Not only do they grow larger but they sprout up in other areas of your garden. If you don’t want them throughout your yard, is important to control their growth. For example, calendula are resistant to heat and drought so their blossoms spread quickly.

Choose the most popular hardy plants in northeast gardens. Three of the most common plants you see flowering in northeast gardens are pansies, peonies and chrysanthemum. While chrysanthemum produce abundant blooms, peonies and pansies are colorfully fragrant. Add a mix to your garden for a combination that is visually pleasing with an aromatic touch.

Use certain hardy plants to attract wildlife. Eye-catching asters bloom in the late summer and early fall to bring butterflies to your garden. Foxgloves are biennials that bloom during their second growing season to attract hummingbirds into your yard.

Even if you are not the gardening type, many hardy plants thrive on their own between landscaping visits. Select the hardiest plants to enjoy a low maintenance garden with lush greenery and lovely flowers.

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